Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday, May 21 Participation Park

"This garden is poppin', y'all doin' a good job! A few weeks ago there was nothin. It's eatin' time!"

Nick, Scott, and Dane started a community garden in a public unused space four years ago.
-Rather than advertising for people to work, drew attention by working
-Focus mainly on development of space+resources
-Getting to know area, how to build everything from scratch-Learn how to salvage, reuse-Used different city resources. Access to water, how to get supplies
*How to avoid getting evicted-Urban food getting popular: co-op: Downtown co-op: farmers markets, local food to restaurants in area: profit difficult because of number of employees+small space (but got food to top restaurants). CSA-Community Supported Agriculture.
-Today is more of a community garden.
-Casa de Maryland: organize latino/undocumented workers (this was the co-op).
-A fence was necessary to secure "experiment," fence came down when it ended.
-Today Baltimore Free School and youth groups involved.-Good relations with Gentlemen "Club"- they mow and maintain the area
-A lot of supplies stolen (weed-whackers)-If an individual is not there enough, others focus on their own plots. Labor/lack of labor very evident.-Squatted social space-White people in Black neighborhood: fuck gentrification attitude, but are aiding gentrification+displacement of residents. However, there are always lots of reasons not to do something. Go back to the original motive.
Intensive Weeding I
Intensive Weeding II
-Plant a potato to grow a potato; If you plant the seed, it reverts back to primitive hybrid.
-Incas developed the potato

The Most Impressive Lunch
Tomato Plot

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