Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farm Blog Groups

Participation Park
2. Graham Winbrow
3. Matt Lohry
4. Isaac Diebboll

Duncan St
1. Ben Howard
2. Alex DiJulio
3. Ryan Hammond

Educational Spaces
1. Megan Schwartz

Charm City Farms
1. Patrick Caulfield
2. Michelle Silwester
3. Dominique Hellgeth

Great Kids Farms
2. Megan Schleebaum
3. Amber Moyles

Hamilton Crop Circle
1. Rachel Lowing
2. Matthew Fox
3. Mia Ardito

Cooperative Garden Club
1. Olivia Horvath
2. Zoe Keller

Will Allen
1. Miranda Pfeiffer
1. Eloise Santa Maria

If anyone is willing to switch from a big group to Cooperative Garden Club or Educational Spaces, please let me know and I'll edit the post. It would be helpful! Thanks.


  1. I'll be happy move to cooperative garden club.

  2. can i switch from fresh start to will allen?