Sunday, June 14, 2009

BEES! they are so important.

hey everyone,

In my bee research I discovered a person named David Graves, who is an inner city beekeeper, keeping on new york city rooftops. There are a lot of videos of him on youtube, but I found a link to a short film made about new york city beekeepers by the meerkat collective that was pretty nice. (There is a link to the film at the end of the article)

I also recorded an interview that I had with Bart Smith who works at the Bee Research Lab in Beltmont, Maryland which is the main research hub for bee health through the USDA. I haven't cleaned it up yet, but he talked a lot about the detrimental effects of commercial beekeeping on the future of agriculture and the environment. Maybe I can edit it down and put it on the blog? cool.  (film by GOOD)   (link to article)  (link to chicago folxs, providing jobs for people who need them and bee education in the inner city, and taking care of so many hives!)

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