Friday, June 19, 2009

Roof Top Gardening

These are some tomato, eggplants and pepper plants that Isaac and I have been growing on our rooftop. The four tomatoes we have in one bed are probably a bit crowded but we are treating this as an experiment.

The beds were easy to build and consist of recycled wood and coffee bean bags that Zekes sells for a buck at the Waverly Farmers Market. The bags are nice and porous and retain water for a while after it rains. We get a few weeds but I think the bags also help keep those down as well.

We elevated the beds so the soil does not come in contact with our nasty roof runoff that consists of rust and other things from some old heating units on the very top of the roof. We figured it not to be good for the plants. There are also some holes in the bottoms for drainage just in case it rains too much.

Our next job is to construct some sort of fencing to keep out critters. A couple weeks ago we had a well growing tomato but one morning it was gone. We didn't really anticipate that problem. But overall it has been surprisingly easy so far. Neither Isaac or I have ever had a garden before but if things keep going as they are it looks like we might have a few tomatoes later this summer.

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