Sunday, June 14, 2009

chicken club

backyard chicken story in the los angelos times.

this could be a bump for chicken club!

Poultry fans in Madison persuaded the city's common council to reverse a ban on backyard hens about five years ago. The ordinance -- similar to regulations in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore -- allows up to four chickens per property. The animals are to be raised for eggs, and must be housed in a coop that is far separated from neighboring homes. (Roosters are typically banned in cities because of crowing.)


chicken laws for Baltimore city

Up to four chickens can be kept (no roosters) as long as they are confined to a moveable pen that is kept 25 feet away from all residences.
You must have a permit.

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the city chicken- a list of chicken laws in various states


this story is mostly just cute from the bangor daily news a story about a man with too many chickens

all the extra work and fortifications aside, I do enjoy my flock, not to mention the fresh eggs they present to me daily. And they really do seem happy to see me every morning.

But overall I do have to say chickens are a great deal like misbehaving toddlers — only with wings.

At this point, pretty much the only thing I haven’t caught them doing is taking the keys to the tractor and doing doughnuts in the field.

I figure it’s only a matter of time.


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