Saturday, June 13, 2009

The first things I thought this morning

When I wake up, I go to the bathroom, and it feels great.  Then I go downstairs, and it feels great.  If the dishes are dirty, I clean them__and they feel great.  and if they sit together, clean in the cabinet, I eat off them__and that feels great.  

If there is no more food in my ice box, I go to the store with food on shelves like a library to eat.  and it is awesome,  I can fill as many carts as I want and still carry them, because they have wheels.  I can fill as many bags as I want, because they come for free__paper or plastic, both are great.  I can walk through the greatest city in America, and that feels great.  If I’m alive I can do things, that feels great. If I have money I can do more things, that feels great.      
If I’m in the city, I don’t want to touch things.
If I plant my food, I don’t know what to do with it.  I could dress my salad with a bottle.  I could drink some orange juice.

this is real fantasy

I was told that this post was somewhat incoherent haha, I was thinking in an exploratory way that was interesting to me, but probobly not helpful in conveying what I'm getting at, so I will try and explain a bit of where I'm coming from.

Capitalism is based on scarcity.  Someone has what you need, and you must use power (money, force) to attain it.  If we decide that we can get what we want from our own hands and the land, rather than from a human entity, in a way we begin to reject Capitalism. 
Capitalism is an evolutionary system, through variety, selection, and heredity, there arises design.  There is competition, and there is survival for those more fit to the environment.  Without the imbalance and extreme concentration of power that is present in our economic structure and the time travel feasible through fossil fuels, the evolutionary advances that have occurred through technology would not have been possible. "We would have to repeal capitalism and every vestige of economic competition to stop this [evolution]" Ray Kurzweil.  Computers, cell phones, video games, self check out lanes, AI bank tellers, AI chips in cars, navigation systems, capri sun, ipods, etc are impossible without fossil fuels and inequality (or at least their rapid exponential evolution/creation that has occured).

this is real fantasy, and we are at a point in the evolutionary chain of events in which we can impose mindful design onto the world, sufficiently halting, or altering evolution "design out of chaos without the aid of mind." Dennette.

I am not arguing any moral point about wether we should design a system in which we all are truly equal (since equality is not congenital), or wether we should retain an evolutionary model such as Capitalism in which there is always going to be a winner and a loser.  I'm trying to decipher the meaning in what we're doing, that may or may not be what we are intending with it.

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