Sunday, June 14, 2009

Duncan Street: Tuesday at 12? Anyone?

I am so sorry about the lateness of the organizing of everything for this. I talked to Mr. Sharp yesterday and he could do Tuesday afternoon. I realize that doesn't work for everyone and would that I could make all our schedules magically align. But I think if we can get at least a few people to come we'll be in good shape to plant. I realized that we are going to need some form of car transportation for the plants we have, and I'm going to put forward that it's probably too late in our growing season to plant seeds unless someone thinks they know of something that would make it. Also, as far as tools go, does anyone have things they could bring or should we see about borrowing the P&P shovels?

Sorry again, and hopefully we'll be able to work this out!


  1. I can do twelve. I have work at four so I'd probably have to leave a little bit early though.

    As for transplants vs. seeds, I'm pretty sure melon and squash-type crops (cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkins) can still be planted as seeds right now as we did that the other day at Roy's farm and based on what I've read online. But transplants seem to be the better decision and will have earlier yields.

  2. i have some rhubarb seeds to plant from hamilton.

    however it takes two years for a rhubarb plant that is grown from seed to be good for harvest. I will bring them tuesday and we can discuss whether or not we should plant them!

  3. i also have to work at four but i will be there at twelve :) anyone interested in taking the bus with me from bolton hill?


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