Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This salad is entirely local/ entirely from baltimore:
1. The basic greens are lettuce from Participation Park, not harvested during our time there, but bought at the waverly farmers market.
2. The onions are spring onions from our garden by the Buddha.
3. The cilantro is also from the Buddha.
4. Some of the other greens are weeds from Hampstead Hill Elementary School, one of Baltimore City's "Educational Spaces" gardens. (Can anyone remind me what the round leafed one we took today was called? I know its not lambs quarter...) You can read more about the school system's involvement with food in this week's city paper or their website.
5. And finally, the purple flecks are edible garlic flowers.

(I guess its obvious that that lime isn't local. I used it to make a  salad dressing from apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and lime.)

i also posted this on the MICA garden site

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