Monday, June 8, 2009


Some of you in the class have expressed interest in making rain-barrels, and we talked briefly about the possibility of metal drums earlier today. As I was looking for the address for the Pepsi plant here in Baltimore which sells barrels, I came across the information that rain barrels must be food-grade containers, or else thoroughly cleansed, in respect to the chemicals that will otherwise contaminate the water and soil. To obtain barrels from the Pepsi plant, you must call ahead and arrange an appointment to pick them up. Barrels are $5 each.

this is the address and contact information for the Pepsi plant:

1650 Union Ave,
Baltimore, MD 21211
Charlie Dickerson, 410.554.7785.

and here is a page with details on building the rain-barrels:


  1. I just called and spoke with Mr. Dickerson they have not been selling barrels for a year now. ANy other suggestions?


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