Thursday, June 11, 2009


Good seeds for sprouting include: wheat, sunflower, wheat grass, alfalfa, lentils, garbanzo beans

Adam's instructions for sprouting:
1. Soak the seeds, submerged completely in a large container of water, for 8-12 hour (depending on size) intervals, rinsing the seeds and changing the water at the end of each.
2. After 2 days of the rinsing  and soaking process the seeds should have sprouted a tap root,                   this indicates that they are ready to be moved to a soil tray.
3. Sprouted seeds are spread evenly over a tray of topsoil, and covered for a few hours to retain            moisture. 
4. Last the seed trays need to be uncovered and put in sun or under grow lights where they will        take about 1 week to sprout. When harvesting the sprouts it is most nutritious to cut                    them at the lowest point before the root system.

Why Sprouts:
Sprouts have higher concentrations of chlorophyl than larger plants, the chlorophyl oxygenates the blood and breaks down toxins in your body. 

The molecular make-up of wheat grass is very similar to that of an iron rich red blood cell, it has been said that a blood transfusion using wheat grass juice and coconut milk could be possible.

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